Friday, July 26, 2013

Day 5: Sakala

If you've been following our trip and want to help Haiti, please visit the What If? Foundation's website:  Our trips to Haiti have been inspired by the wonderful work of the people at What If?

The major part of the Haiti trip has come to a close today, with two remarkable days at Na Rive and Sakala.  We've seen, felt, and experienced things that we will carry for the rest of our lives.  For tonight's blog each student is sharing  one photo/video that captures the single most important idea that they never want to forget.

Kwele Serrell

"Appreciate the beauty of small/simple things"

Emily Sheppard
"Physical boundaries are cultural"

Kirsten Wong
"Solidarity is the greatest pleasure"

Sofia Demay
"Little by little we arrive"

Zodie Waxman

"Find yourself and then give it away" 

Kyle Schank

"Pay attention to our similarities, not differences"

Kenny "blow-baby-blow" Greenwood

"Attention to detail allows one to paint a clearer picture"
Simon Tesfaiohannes
"Don't prejudge, allow the mystery of the experience" 

Seth Weiland 
 "Brotherhood: the willingness to sacrifice for another's joy"

Jane Verlaine

"When you feel compelled to act, give, trust, and hold onto hope"

Rachel Sackrin

"Finding joy despite hardship, staying positive. No matter what."

Craig Sutphin
"Generosity: I give you the best I have"

Joe Palladino
"Two countries, one language" 

We head off to Jacmel tomorrow for a little Caribbean ocean relaxing.
Peace, and all good things! 

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